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Got it! Over 10,000 containers will be auctioned!

Gina Chen 2021-01-28 10:08:10

As a foreign trader, in addition to worrying about the smooth delivery, we must also always pay attention to the customs clearance of customers at the destination port. However, the epidemic is raging around the world, and the ports of many countries have become a mess.

Port operation time has been reduced, containers at the destination port are piled up like a mountain, and unmanned pickups are frequent. In order to alleviate this situation, many countries have begun to "dispose" these containers.

It is currently at the peak of shipments. The epidemic situation is serious and it will also affect the trade. Please pay attention to foreign trade and forwarders when shipping, apply for enough free box periods from the shipping company, and remind the consignee to pick up the goods as soon as possible , To avoid numerous additional costs.

Philippine customs auctions nearly 2,000 stranded containers!
Those who have not picked up the goods for more than 30 days are deemed abandoned!

The Philippine Bureau of Customs (BOC) recently publicly auctioned nearly 2,000 stranded containers in different ports across the country, generating more than 1 billion pesos in revenue.

In the statement on January 21, the Philippine Bureau of Customs BOC (Bureau Of Customs) and Operations Coordination Group (AOCG), Auction and Cargo Disposal Department (ACDD), and ACD units in various collection areas passed the assessment and dealt with from January 2020. As of December 2020, there are a total of 3,514 stranded containers.

This includes goods containing 1,898 containers of televisions, tiles, plywood, etc., which were auctioned off, with a total revenue of 1.076 billion pesos. The report also stated that 1,346 containers were confiscated and the remaining 270 containers were donated.

The Philippine Bureau of Customs, BOC, stated that the importance of disposing of stranded containers is related to the convenience of the bureau’s business operations, as this will reduce congestion in ports and yards.

The customs added that overdue containers were either confiscated or seized or abandoned. According to the Philippine Customs Service Order No. 10-2020, goods that are not picked up within the specified time (more than 30 days from the date of unloading) are deemed as abandoned goods. Once confirmed, the customs has the right to make appropriate disposals.

At the same time, Article 1141 stipulates that abandoned goods can be donated or auctioned. If it is food, clothing or medicine, it can be donated to social welfare and development agencies.

Vietnam Customs will confiscate more than 3,000 containers!

On the afternoon of January 16, Ou Yingjun, director of the Customs Administration and Supervision Bureau under the General Administration of Customs of Vietnam, told the reporter of "Tuoi tre" that there are currently more than 3,000 unclaimed containers in various ports in Vietnam, mainly in Haiphong and Ho Chi Minh City.

The customs stated that these containers had been in Vietnam for more than 90 days but were unclaimed, and some of them had even been parked at the terminal for several years. The products inside are mainly car tires, clothing, foreign garbage...

The customs has issued a notice to seek the owner of the cargo, but if the owner does not claim it after the specified time, the customs has the right to confiscate the cargo in the container and clear up the auction to relieve the congestion of the port and increase the number of empty containers for import and export enterprises. Alleviate the "container shortage" in Vietnam.

The auction proceeds of the daily necessities in the container will be handed over to the Vietnamese treasury. For those foreign garbage, shipping companies are required to transport containers out of Vietnamese territory. In the past two years, Vietnam has refused entry of more than 2,000 containers of foreign garbage and returned it abroad.

The port of Lagos is heavily congested!
e than 4000 container goods will be auctioned!

It is understood that there are more than 4,000 container cargoes overdue in the Apapa Port Complex (LPC) and Tinkan Port in Lagos. The investigation shows that the development of the situation has not only caused congestion in the port, but also forced Importers and shippers bear additional port charges or storage fees, costs related to delays in ships berthed at sea (possibly as high as tens of thousands of dollars), and more annoyingly, trucks waiting for several days in traffic jams and committing crimes The cost of extortion by elements and officials.

If the goods remain in the port for more than 30 days without customs clearance and delivery, they are classified as overdue goods. The survey results show that stranded cargo accounts for more than 30% of the total cargo at the Lagos terminal. At present, more than 20 billion naira cargo is rotted and damaged at the port. Many goods have been detained for 30 days or even more than 7 years, and the number of overdue detained goods continues to increase!

According to the “Daily Letter” report on November 17, the Association of Chartered Customs Agents of Nigeria (ANLCA) stated that since Nigeria closed its border on August 18, 2019, there have been more than 130 billion naira (US$340 million) in goods. Stranded. Many have expired and are damaged.

Stakeholders in the national dialogue called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the Federal Executive Committee (FEC) to instruct Nigeria Customs (NSC) to auction goods in accordance with the Customs and Cargo Management Act (CEMA). The government has the responsibility to ensure that the port has no overdue cargo and provides sufficient empty containers. In order to promote economic development, avoid causing tens of billions of naira commodities to rot and damage.

An exporter said: “According to the law, the General Administration of Customs has the right to auction overdue goods to free up port space and increase government revenue. Not auctioning goods that have been in the port for more than one year is inconsistent with the people, government and business Party’s best interest.” “I hereby call on Nigerian Customs to increase the port efficiency by auctioning overdue goods to free up space.

According to high-level sources, since Hameed Ali became the customs supervisor, the reason why auction sales cannot be carried out is because approval is required. This is why the president and FEC must issue authorization to the General Administration of Customs NCS to ensure that the stranded goods can be auctioned.

We have something to say about abandoned goods

1. Reasons for abandonment

Unmanned delivery (abandonment) at the port of destination generally has the following reasons:

1. The consignor refuses to deliver the bill of lading to the consignee because it has not received the payment, so that the consignee cannot pick up the goods. In this case, it is obvious that the reason for the abandonment is the consignor;
2. The consignee refuses to pick up the goods due to the quality of the goods, market fluctuations, etc., especially under the condition of FOB freight collect, which is more common. In this case, the reason for the abandonment of the goods is the consignee;
3. The goods cannot be picked up normally because of problems in customs clearance due to documents and data problems
4. The long delivery time has caused serious delays in delivery, unable to pick up the goods on time, and delay production.
5. The port of destination fee is too high
6. Other trade disputes

2. What to do if the abandoned goods are found at the port of destination

1. The first abandonment message is generally obtained from the carrier’s convenience. Once the foreign customer confirms the abandonment, the carrier’s foreign agent must first send a local abandonment operation method because different countries and different products The disposal methods and requirements of abandoned goods are different.
2. Second, it is necessary to find other buyers in the port of destination as much as possible. If the value of the goods is not high, finding other buyers locally can minimize the processing cost.
3. Third, if you cannot find a replacement buyer, and the local freight forwarder cannot help the auction value, you can only choose whether to return the shipment based on the value of the goods.

It should be noted that in some regions and countries, even if the consignee abandoned the goods, if the consignor wants to return the shipment, the consignee’s written authorization is required. This is more difficult.

More often, the shipper will not choose to return the LCL with a lower sample value