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Home > News > Industry News > Attention! How can European Amazon sellers lower their Brexit business risk? Is the new auto-return

Attention! How can European Amazon sellers lower their Brexit business risk? Is the new auto-return

Gina Chen 2020-07-16 10:45:03

I amThe impact of Brexit on European business

Today, the global Amazon store opened an official article explaining the impact of Brexit on European business.

On January 31, 2020, Great Britain withdrew from the European Union, and by December 31, 2020 there will be a transitional period for Brexit. The UK will formally exit the EU single market and customs union from January 1, 2021.

Although negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union are still ongoing (including the determination of specific tariffs applicable in various situations), from January 1, 2021, the customs border between the United Kingdom and the European Union will be added. This will impact cross-border business between the UK and the EU.

Starting January 1, 2021, sellers at Amazon Europe will be affected as follows:

1. Amazon Products Using EFN cannot be delivered across UK and EU borders,

2. Pan-EU will stop (however Amazon Logistics’s European integration service will continue transport equipment in the EU region support you in Germany, France, Italy and Spain (sale on the site).

3. To mitigate the impact of these changes, sellers may consider inventory sharing and sending it to Amazon operating centers in the UK and the European Union respectivelyto ensure sufficient inventory on both sides of the new customs border.

4. The seller must provide the information necessary for the customs declaration of goods to be shipped across the newly established customs border between the UK and the EU.

5. For goods shipped directly from China to the Amazon operations center in the UK or the European Union, the process in the UK or the European Union will not change.

6. The seller’s pick-up order may continue to deliver goods across the UK-EU border, but the seller is responsible for ensuring that the customs declaration is processed and all taxes and duties are paid before the goods are delivered to the buyer. Pickup orders shipped directly from China to the UK or EU countries are not related to cross-border delivery between the UK and the EU, so they are not affected.

Amazon Launches New Auto Return Processing Feature

Amazon launches a new automatic return processing function, sellers are free to remove products included in the automatic return processing section.

If the cost of returning is not cost-effective compared to the price of the product, the seller wants the buyer to leave the product instead of paying for it and selects the option “return without return”, then this function is very useful for the seller.

The new feature will automatically complete the return process for products that do not require customer returns. After sending a return request, the client will automatically receive a full refund from the seller’s account, and the seller does not need to do anything.

This is an optional feature, and sellers can set rules based on a comprehensive review of four factors: product price, reason for return, product category, and return window so that customers who purchase certain products can return money without returning the product.

This automatic return processing feature is designed for self-shipping sellers in Amazon to enhance the seller’s operational effectiveness. At the same time, it is also closely related to Amazon’s first core customer philosophy.

For the Amazon platform, the most important aspect of this new feature is the ability to improve customer service. As soon as the customer requests a refund, the return request is automatically executed in accordance with the rules pre-established by the seller, and the customer can quickly solve the return problem.

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