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Home > News > Industry News > Swedish car manufacturer relies on uniquely designed LED headlights from ZKW

Swedish car manufacturer relies on uniquely designed LED headlights from ZKW

PR Newswire 2023-10-13 08:41:03

Pixel LED light in the headlamp design winks between daytime running lights and high beams

WIESELBURG, Austria, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wieselburg-based automotive lighting specialist equips the brand new Volvo EX90 electric SUV with high-quality LED headlights in unique design. The basis are digital HD light modules with over 1.3 million pixel resolution, which create a precisely controllable light image on the road. The high-tech light adapts dynamically to the traffic and precisely blends out other road users. The system thus contributes to high safety for drivers, passers-by and animals. As a unique feature, the high-quality LED headlights can wink the daytime running lights shine in the hammer-shaped design typical of this Swedish brand. When switched to high beam, the daytime running light splits up and down to reveal the main headlamp. "The unique front lighting, which is distinctive for the brand, combines exceptional design with innovative lighting technology that actively contributes to high road safety," explains Dr Wilhelm Steger, CEO of the ZKW Group.

The new SUV's headlights are an evolution of the distinctive headlight design that the brand first introduced on the second-generation XC90 in 2015. The LED light elements of the daytime running lights form the hammer-shaped design, with the head divided into six light segments, while the stem is formed by ten other elements. If you switch to main light, the hammer splits horizontally and the main headlight becomes visible. The movement not only serves to switch from daytime running light to main light, but also underscores the vehicle's start sequence with a "wink" of the headlights. "This animated light function is unique and only available from this manufacturer," explains Dr Steger.

High-resolution LED pixel light
As the basis for the headlamp, ZKW uses a "Segment Light" light module that combines matrix high beam and low beam. The signal light system combines daytime running light, position light and indicator light in the particularly compact form of the striking design. The daytime running light, which is movable thanks to the innovative kinematics, gives the brand new SUV a unique appearance. When the vehicle is unlocked, the individual headlight elements flash one after the other before flipping open to reveal the high beam with a flashing effect. The smart headlight was developed at the ZKW site in Wieselburg, and is manufactured at ZKW in Silao/Mexico and Dalian/China. "By using recycled plastic granulates and aluminium made from 40 percent recycled raw materials, we are also making a major contribution to sustainability," says Dr Steger.

High demands on design
Various requirements had to be taken into account in the development of the high-tech headlamp. On the one hand, the system had to withstand at least 500,000 opening and closing cycles under all environmental influences. Furthermore, the horizontal part of the daytime running light must have reached its end position within 500 milliseconds in order to release the main light functions. In addition, a low weight of the moving parts was required with simultaneous homogeneity of the daytime running light. "Our development department was able to meet the brands high design demands with a lot of commitment," says Dr Steger.