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Home > News > Industry News > All Things Light sensing, AMS Osram all-round leading the development of optical sensing industry

All Things Light sensing, AMS Osram all-round leading the development of optical sensing industry

2022-07-30 08:35:35

On July 27, AMS Osram held by "everything light" as the theme of the optical technology seminars, online via mobile and wearable, cars and travel at the same time, industrial and medical, lighting and intelligent four themes, all show the ai, osram as the world's leading supplier of optical solutions, in the light emitting and optical sensing fields have rich products and technology portfolio.


Through online presentations, 13 experts introduced how AMS Osram optical and sensing products can be used in AR/VR, smart cockpit, smart industry, plant lighting, UV elimination and other scenarios, driving the industry towards mainstream market trends such as digitalization, smart, energy efficiency and sustainability.


Among them, in the theme of lighting and intelligence, AMS Osram has demonstrated a wealth of optical products and solutions for two emerging applications with high heat in the LED industry: plant lighting and UV elimination.


AMS Osram plant lighting LED and sensors to help agricultural development


Lighting products are gaining increasing attention in agriculture because they help plants and poultry grow quickly, according to Chi Guangwei, customer technical support manager at AMS Osram. Among them, LED plant lighting products have seen rapid growth in demand in recent years under the influence of industrial hemp, food shortage, population surge and other factors. 


According to TrendForce, the global LED plant lighting market size will grow by 6.6% to USD 1.79 billion in 2022, and the compound growth rate will reach 11.5% from 2021 to 2026.


LED plant lighting has great potential in space. However, compared with general LED lighting products, the application of LED plant lighting faces a series of complex challenges such as energy consumption, light formula, reliability and flexibility.


To meet the application needs of LED plant lighting in different planting scenarios and different plants in different growth cycles, AMS Osram has released a series of plant lighting LED product portfolio, including consumer grade Duris® S5, OSCONIQ® P3030 product portfolio, covering deep blue, deep red and white light.


Aiming at professional-grade planting, AMS Osram has launched OSLON® Square and the Optimal family of products portfolio covering deep blue light, deep red light, far red light, and white light. OSLON® Optimal is the latest product family offering first-class radiation efficiency, excellent stability, and reliability, as well as a cost advantage over other products on the market. In addition, the rich combination of light and color lamp beads can meet the needs of each planting scene, providing great flexibility for plant lighting equipment manufacturers.


In May, AMS Osram announced the OSLON® Optimal family of deep red and far red products, with deep blue and plant white products expected to be available in the third quarter of this year.


In addition, ai, osram also shows the latest multipurpose AS7343 spectral sensor, is a combination of visible light and infrared (IR) sensors in the 14 channel spectral analysis and function of XYZ, tie-in use LED lighting lamps and lanterns, extend the service life of the LED can reduce the power consumption of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, and can collect plant lighting parameters, so as to optimize the crop growth and yield.


AMS Osram power UVC LED applications continue to expand


According to gallium fan, marketing manager of AMS Osram, uv light is used in a wide range of applications, among which UVC deep uv light at wavelengths ranging from 200 to 280nm is mainly used for sterilization.


Compared with the traditional mercury light source, UVC LED light source has the advantages of mercury-free, optional wavelength, long life and high efficiency, so it gradually replaces the position of mercury light source. With the advent of the epidemic era, people's attention to personal and public health continues to rise, and the application of UVC LED has also received more attention.


The application of UVC LED extends from consumer products home appliances to indoor surfaces, ventilation, medical care, public places, large-scale water treatment and other professional-grade scenes.


According to TrendForce Group consulting analysis, UVC LED has the opportunity to import from home appliance applications to the original factory automotive air conditioning, dynamic water sterilization, manufacturing facilities and factory automation applications. It is predicted that the UVC LED market size will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 24% from 2021 to 2026.


To address the wide range of applications of UVC leds, AMS Osram has launched an OSLON® UV product range with ceramic substrates that offer high radiation flux in the 273-275nm band, high lifetime, and high photoelectric conversion efficiency (WPE).


In addition, AMS Osram OSLON® UV products have excellent antivirus effect. According to experiments conducted by the Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Padova, Italy, AMS Osram OSLON UV leds can effectively destroy novel coronavirus.


At present, OSLON® UV products have been applied to toothbrush disinfection racks, elevator handrails, medical equipment, tableware disinfection canisters, and mite removal devices, as well as to surface and air disinfection in buses, subways, high-speed trains and other public places.




This seminar not only presents a panoramic view of the company's optical product portfolio, but also gives a clearer picture of the development route and the main areas of focus of AMS Osram.


At the strategy sharing meeting in April this year, AMS Osram clearly stated its goal of becoming the world's leading optical solutions provider, and is moving away from traditional drive power, lighting control systems, and traditional lighting fixtures to focus on sensing and opto-electronic devices.


It is foreseeable that AMS Osram will continue to focus on optics and sensing and lead the development of the optical sensing industry in the future.