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Home > News > Industry News > 【Touch Taiwan 2023】The Rise of Micro LED

【Touch Taiwan 2023】The Rise of Micro LED

2023-05-02 08:55:03

【Touch Taiwan 2023】The Rise of Micro LED
Touch Taiwan 2023 was held from April 19 to 21, 2023 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, where Micro LED applications were extended to automotive displays, AR/VR, watches, and other wearable devices that are thinner, smaller with high brightness and low power consumption. Major exhibitors included Ennostar and its subsidiaries Epistar, Lextar, Unikorn, Yenrich, and Prolight, along with PlayNitride, AUO, Innolux, Kulicke & Soffa, ASMPT, Shin-Etsu Chemical, Coherent, Stroke PAE, Sitan, Macroblock, etc. Advances in the yield and technologies of Micro LED have also reduced manufacturing costs, indicating that Micro LED will soon become a mainstream in the terminal display market.


Ennostar’s subsidiaries, namely Epistar, Lextar, Unikorn, Yenrich, and Prolight, focused on exhibiting Micro LED, automotive, and infrared sensing products.

To achieve the ultimate goal of “Be Simple, Be Popularized”, Epistar is committed to assisting its partners to solve key issues of Micro LED applications, making the technology simpler and more accessible, with exhibits including 6-inch Chip on Wafer (COW) and 8-inch GaN on Silicon products. In addition, Epistar proposed multiple solutions such as COC and PAM products in different sizes with an effort to overcome mass transfer challenges, reduce difficulties and the threshold for customers to enter the Micro LED display market, and lead the industry to discover more opportunities for Micro LED. PAM stands for pitch adjustment module, enabling array transfer services for different pixel pitch settings.

Unikorn focused on Micro LED display OEM services and debuted a 0.12-inch blue Micro LED microdisplay jointly developed with Epistar and Foxconn for AR applications. This microdisplay—powered by 3µm Micro LEDs combined with a unique reflective bank technology—boasts a brightness of 200,000 nits and 6,500ppi density.

Artilux and Ennostar showcased their SWIR solutions for consumer TWS earphones and smart watches. Based on Ennostar’s SWIR LEDs and InGaAs photodiodes, Artilux incorporated analog front-end (AFE) and digital functions into a single chip using proprietary technologies to create a lightweight, cost-effective, and ultra-wide spectrum optical sensor solution. The solution also features music activated switch, skin moisture / oil detection, heart rate detection, and calorie / BMR measurement.
Artilux has been actively shipping product samples to branded manufacturers.