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Home > News > Industry News > Focusing on Blue Ocean Markets, UVT Offers Various Customized Solutions

Focusing on Blue Ocean Markets, UVT Offers Various Customized Solutions

2023-05-03 08:39:42

UVT specializes in high-power infrared LED/VCSEL, red EEL, and UV LED packaging technologies, as well as UV LED optical module control systems. In response to the market demand for industry applications, industrial inspection systems, and handshake product services, the exhibitor participated in OPIE Yokohama 2023 held in Japan. TrendForce had the opportunity to interview general manager Ethan Chen to gain further insights into the company regarding market demand, product development, and prospects for 2023.

Chen stated that among many applications, UVT is most optimistic about the industrial/machine vision sector. Specifically, the manufacturer adopts SWIR LED and VCSEL products for industrial inspection machines and handshake product services and customizes packages and manufacturing process as requested by clients along with module solutions. Regarding SWIR LEDs, UVT primarily offers products with wavelengths of 1,050 / 1,500-1,650nm and those of other wavelength specs, while NIR VCSELs have been applied to aesthetic medicine and security surveillance markets. For the detection need of fiber optic illuminators, the exhibitor showcased its 3-5W high-power RGB visible light products.

For the use of UV-A LEDs in the exposure machine and 3D printing markets, UVT offers modular shipment solutions tailored to customer needs. As for UV-B LED applications in the phototherapy sector, the company provides products with different optical power such as 10mW and 50mW. Chen pointed out that inquiries for UV-C LED applications in the flowing water / package sterilization market increased significantly during the exhibition. UVT introduced 50-280nm quartz packaged UV-C LEDs with different beam angles. The optical power of the single-chip packaged 3939 LED can reach 80mW. In response to the current mainstream 7-20L/min commercial flowing water market, UVT provides two solutions, namely UV-C LED packages and flowing water modules.

The use of special gas detection in homes has been a niche market. There are many methods for radon gas detection, which are mainly divided into active gas sampling measurement and passive exposure measurement. Silicon photodetectors are most often used for the active method, for which UVT provides photodiodes in TO-CAN package to meet this market demand.

Chen predicted blue ocean markets to thrive in 2023, expecting that market demand and industrial development will return to normal after the pandemic. Industrial development has still been led by the US and Japanese clients, for whom UVT provides standard and customized services to create a win-win situation. In addition, UVT exhibited optical products related to the metaverse issues that are about to draw wide attention again.