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Home > News > Industry News > The fifth anniversary of mass production sees Ledman COB launches new offensive

The fifth anniversary of mass production sees Ledman COB launches new offensive

LEDMAN 2023-07-11 08:58:13

Guide to Hangjiashuo Display:
According to Hangjiashuo Research, in 2022, the domestic COB new display output value registered an increase of about 30% compared with 2021, mainly driven by demands from command center, transportation, medical, enterprise exhibition hall, design and other fields for replacement and upgrade of the original small pitch LED display. At the P1.2 conversion, the first quarter of 2023 may see COB production capacity reach 10000kk/month.

Ledman expected in the investor platform that the future cost reduction of COB products may reach 10%-20% per year through technology upgrading, raw material supply cost reduction, continuous capacity release and other ways to achieve scale effect.

As COB grows in scale, it is imperative for LED display enterprises to create more competitive COB products.

According to Hangjiashuo Display, it is 5 years since Ledman launched and mass-produced Micro LED UHD display products and solutions based on COB advanced technology in 2018.

This issue of Hangjiashuo Display will take a closer look at Ledman, revealing Ledman's strategic thinking in the context of the "sudden change" to COB and its new offensive.

Recovery message: Ledman's overall layout

Strategizing in advance in advance is vital to the continued growth of enterprises, and strategizing is informed by an insight into market demand. Ledman has picked up on the market's message of recovery and refined its own market layout:

1) In application planning, Ledman continues to focus on the Micro LED UHD display industry, constantly creating business opportunities in the three tracks of dedicated display, commercial display and home display.

2) In technology R&D, Ledman will work hard this year on technology R&D and reserves in emerging areas such as COG, AR/VR, and metaverse for the timely launch of cutting-edge technologies and products.

3) In marketing initiatives, Ledman will build more product marketing experience centers, strengthening experiential marketing, and promoting market penetration of commercial and home UHD display products.

4) In global market planning, Ledman will work on a series of brand promotion activities and overseas channel layout to increase its overseas market share, while pursuing steady growth in the domestic market.

Armed with market insights and COB technology, Ledman launched a strong offensive.

The first is to update and iterate products to give them new vitality. At the beginning of the year, Ledman comprehensively updated its product line. On May 18, Ledman upgraded its Micro LED UHD home video wall, which is available at both the official online flagship store and offline experience stores.

Second, it continues to work on overseas markets. Ledman has amazed ISE 2023, Integrate ME 2023, InfoComm 2023 and other well-known exhibitions with its UHD energy-saving cold screen based on COB technology, Micro LED UHD home giant video wall, all-in-one LEDHUB and other products, wining customer recognition and likes.

In addition, a number of overseas offices or subsidiaries will be established to expand its global marketing network.

Long-term strategy: Ledman's COB technology layout

It is widely believed that technology is the strongest moat of an enterprise, and COB technology is a key driver for the continued development of Ledman, whose COB posture dates back 10 years ago.

Back then, COB, an advanced technology with technical and capital thresholds, had only a small number of participants. Ledman, with its insights into COB and the blue ocean of commerce, was among the first group of explorers of COB. Following the feasibility study in 2013, the research and development of COB technology in 2014, the project was officially released and mass-produced in 2018.

Today, COB and its products are poised to sweep the market in terms of both price and scale. According to Hangjiashuo Research, the domestic COB output value increased by about 30% in 2022 compared to 2021.

Thanks to years of technical accumulation, Ledman has seen its COB technology achieve multifaceted success.

In terms of COB patents, Ledman has accumulated nearly 90 patents in the field of COB, forming a patent layout that covers packaging method, production process, structure design, circuit design, Super COB technology, software algorithm and many other aspects of COB display products.

In terms of product penetration rate, over the past five years, Ledman optical COB HD display products has been widely used in public security traffic police, smart cities, government emergency, intelligent transportation and other industries, with over 3,000 cooperation projects completed.

In terms of market share, according to related research agency, Ledman continued to rank first in the market share of the COB segment in 2022. Data from Hangjiahsuo Research shows that Ledman has about a third of the COB market.

Source: 2022 Small and Micro-Pitch Display Research White Paper

Meanwhile, by effectively and scientifically integrating packaging technology and display technology into the display business, Ledman has improved its COB-based layout in three major tracks, namely dedicated display, commercial display and home display.

It is noteworthy that the first project of Ledman's COB UHD display product, namely the intelligent analysis command center of Shanghai Jiushi Bus Group, has operated stably and reliably for 5 years without any maintenance.

Building differentiation: the uniqueness of Ledman COB

When an industry develops to a certain level, it enters a more segmented stage, and the same is true of the display industry.

In the context of increasing technological sophistication and new products entering the market, focusing on what you are good at and achieving "differentiation" is an effective way for enterprises to break through.

Ledman has the mass production capacity for COB face-up encapsulation, flip-chip encapsulation, Super COB and other multi-technology process routes.

Ledman Super COB, released in 2020 through technological innovation in hardware and software, reduces pixel pitch by 50% while increasing resolution by 4 times. Balancing well the cost and resolution of the display products, it is now widely used in many of Ledman's COB display products.

Among them is the Ledman COB UHD energy-saving cold screen, which, by integrating a series of Ledman's proprietary technologies, features high color reproduction ability, wide viewing angle, high refresh rate, high reliability, low surface temperature, and low power consumption, making it a low-carbon and environmentally friendly product.

As LED display grows in scale, the trend of accelerating entry into the consumer market is already evident.

Ledman has developed multi-scene solutions based on COB and pioneered UHD display products for the C-end market.

Following the release of the first 4k 138-inch giant screen product in September 2021, in 2022, Ledman launched P0.46 pitch 163-inch 8K giant screen product, its technical indicators in the forefront of the country, forming a new matrix of 110", 138"and 163" Ledman Micro LED home giant video wall.

Ledman, by converting its COB first-mover advantage in the display industry into a leading edge in the C-end market, aggressively expanding into the C-end via marketing network layout, flagship store opening and other ways, and blessed by its advantages in the B-end market, has formed a B+C dual-engine drive mode.

As the LED display industry expands its application boundaries, Ledman's active moves may accelerate the industry's entry into the consumer market.