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Home > News > Industry News > Marine lighting science | light influence on deep-sea fishing have how old?

Marine lighting science | light influence on deep-sea fishing have how old?

2022-07-12 08:25:40

1. Lighting and deep-sea fishing

Since May 1, many sea areas of our country entered the summer season fishing suspension period. Fishing is closed during the summer season, when temperatures are high and sunlight is abundant, which is conducive to the reproduction of Marine algae and ferns, and fish food is abundant. In addition, fish spawning season in the summer, fishing moratorium in the summer season can be better for fish reproduction.

With the arrival of July, the weather is gradually hot, many places have also ushered in the fishing season, taste the delicious seafood on the table, do you know that lighting fishing in the ocean also plays an important role? Now, let xiaobian take you to understand these things about "fishing".


2. "Phototaxis" of fish

Many fish have phototaxis, but what they really like is some shimmer. Fishing boats that use light trapping and light trapping work at night, taking advantage of the animals' "phototaxis".


3. Underwater "Light Field"

Due to the particularity of the environment, the characteristics of the light field formed by the fish trap lamp in the water have also been well studied. The light emitted by the fish trap lamp is absorbed and scattered by the sea water, forming a light field with intensity from strong to weak. The light field is divided into four parts according to the intensity of the light.


4. Squid on the table

Do you know how squid, which you love to eat, is harvested from the sea? This Marine mollusk, which has a life span of only one or two years, contributes more than 500,000 tons of high-quality protein to China's fisheries every year. Squid fishing is also a skill. There are a series of requirements from methods, methods and tools.


5. Good tools make good harvest

Photolure fishing has become a common practice, especially in pelagic fisheries. The fish trap lamp is a necessary product in the way of light trapping fish operation. With the continuous development of lighting technology, the corresponding fish trap lamp products have been updated and iterated.