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Home > News > Industry News > Low carbon light! The world's eight solar lighting black technology

Low carbon light! The world's eight solar lighting black technology

2022-07-22 08:46:44

With the comprehensive promotion of national carbon neutrality and carbon peak strategy, various low-carbon lighting application modes are gradually popularized in public life. Solar energy, as a pure natural clean energy, can not only reduce the energy burden of the lighting grid, but also will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is one of the important technological means to achieve zero carbonization of lighting in the future.

In view of the strong application potential of solar lighting in the field of people's livelihood, China Lighting network is here to show eight domestic and foreign solar lighting black technology in recent years, to stimulate more lighting practitioners in the field of technological innovation enthusiasm.


1. solar energy art lighting installation

In January this year, the solar energy art installation "The Eye of Chapiyamu" was installed at Lecheng Center in Beijing to light up the capital's winter night. The "Eye of Anoptera" is shaped like the "compound eye" of a dragonfly and consists of more than 13,000 solar LED units. During the day, the device uses solar panels to absorb solar energy, and begins to glow when night falls. Each independent LED unit lights up in rhythm, and the flashing area expands from individual to the entire surface of the device. Each LED interprets the awakening process of life with its unique lighting time and flashing rhythm.

In the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, The Eye of Chapia not only brings high-quality visual art enjoyment, but also demonstrates the multiple possibilities of lighting and decoration in commercial complexes.


2. Flexible copper indium Gallium Selenium solar intelligent garden lamp

At the end of September 2021, 23 green and intelligent integrated garden lights equipped with the world's thinnest flexible solar cells were officially unveiled in Hefang Street, beside The West Lake of Hangzhou, showing their innovative functions of "generation", "storage" and "use".

These products based on a thin flexible copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar energy integration technology, on the basis of green energy, form independent spontaneous electric low voltage dc system, intelligent device for lamps and lanterns and carry to provide efficient power supply, to explore for 5 g era collection green, wisdom, the wisdom of the security, emergency lamps application form, It is also a good carrier for the layout of basic urban data in the future, and provides new and effective solutions for the application of new energy and new infrastructure in cities.

Compared to crystalline silicon solar, the flexible copper indium gallium Selenium (CIGS) solar technology has a significant advantage of ultra-thin, 360° winding, and its revolutionary product form can be widely attached to objects, providing power for them, making it possible for everything to connect and power everything.



3. Vibration-type solar insect killing lamp

In June 2021, 106 sets of vibration-type solar insect-killing lamps were put on display in more than 30 parks in Harbin, optimizing the ecological environment day and night.

These lamps use solar panels as a power source, storing solar energy during the day, and discharging electricity at night to supply the insect killing lamps. Its use of light wave to lure pests, coupled with the electric grid to kill, can kill a variety of pests. This physical control method not only kills pests, but also reduces the use of pesticides and protects the environment.

In addition to exterminate garden pests, solar insecticidal lamp also has the function of dynamic trend monitoring urban garden pests killing pests will be collected from tank, garden workers by measuring number and variety of periodic kill pests, monitoring the region the seasonal occurrence of pests dynamic, growth curve, so as to know all kinds of insect pests in the region of feather peak, spawning, Determine the time of larval damage, the amount of occurrence, and timely forecast, organize the relevant personnel to seize the best control period.


4. Intelligent energy storage, self-reflective solar energy landmark

Since December 2020, intelligent storage, self-reflective solar ground lamps have become a new landscape at night on some rural roads in counties such as Xupu, Jingzhou and Yuanling in Huaihua, Hunan province, bringing many people to see their beauty.

These small miniature lamps and lanterns through intelligent solar module, spontaneous light module and reflector lamp bead module for joint conversion of solar energy utilization, effectively guarantee the sustained release of visible light at night, the road on both sides of the way of directions and signs lighting effect, for the pedestrian safety travel and urban landscape lighting provides a new solution.

Since the large-scale installation of street lamps does not conform to the call of low-carbon and environmental protection, intelligent energy storage, self-reflective solar floor lamp can functionally replace street lamps, innovating the way of low-carbon road lighting and filling the gap in this field at home and abroad.


5. Solar LED lighting vehicle

This month, Atlas Copco, a Swedish industrial group, won the "Heino Award for Exemplary Contribution to Green Development 2022" for its HiLight S2+ solar LED lighting vehicle's superior energy saving and emission reduction performance.

HiLight S2+ is a pure green solution that breaks new ground in lighting by providing a safer, more energy efficient alternative to diesel lighting for users in construction sites, mining applications, oil and gas industries, etc.

Compared to traditional technology, the vehicle uses solar radiation as a light source, is equipped with scalable solar panels that can be fully charged with a solar light source in eight hours, and is equipped with an external control system to prevent unnecessary light and energy waste, helping customers to significantly reduce carbon emissions and improve construction sustainability.



6. Solar garden lighting

In December 2017, French design studio Normal Studio designed a solar garden lighting for Maiori, a company specializing in solar lighting.

Named "A Lampe Couture", the lighting consists of three groups of solar lighting of different sizes for outdoor use, which can be hung high by a deformed lamp foot bracket, and a candle placed in the middle to dissipate heat. It can be recharged by the sun's rays and can be used for a variety of purposes with a second candle. It can be placed on a table, hung from a tree or placed on the pool floor.

Users can leave it outside to charge during the day and enjoy its warm glow at night.



7. Solar Smart bricks

In September 2018, at the Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Exhibition, a solar smart brick exhibited by Dizhou Smart Energy Group was quite eye-catching. Laid on the ground, it can be used as local brick, landscape lighting, and charging mobile phones and cars.

These creative lighting products have a solar panel embedded in them, just like a typical rooftop solar panel. During the day, the brick can absorb solar energy and store energy for luminous at night.

Such products can also charge cars wirelessly on smart brick roads through electromagnetic induction mode, and design different lighting patterns and patterns through software programs.



8. outdoor luminous solar energy "umbrella"

In April, KFC opened its first "Green Pioneer" stores in China in Beijing and Hangzhou, showcasing advanced low-carbon and environmentally friendly technologies to diners. Among them, the outdoor luminous solar umbrella is a major highlight.

The solar "umbrella" installed on the outdoor seat of the store uses solar panels to store solar energy during the day as electricity for lighting at night.

Solar "umbrella" can also be combined with the light pipe, not only can let the sunlight through the roof into the interior, so that customers can fully enjoy the natural light, but also reduce the energy consumption of the restaurant lighting, reduce energy expenditure.

The same sunlight, diversified low-carbon, zero-carbon lighting technology means, the future of solar lighting technology is worth the public's more eager to look forward to.