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Home > News > Industry News > Lighting Events of the Week: What's happening in the global lighting industry? (6.26 7.2)

Lighting Events of the Week: What's happening in the global lighting industry? (6.26 7.2)

Jessica 2022-07-05 08:40:01

News of the industry

First stop start! The 2022 Night Tour China 100 Cities Development Forum was held in Hangzhou


June 30, 2022, hosted by China Lighting Network and Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association, The first stop of the 2022 Night Tour China 100 Cities Development Forum co-organized by Zhejiang Lighting Society, Zhejiang Lighting Appliance Association, Jiangsu Lighting Association, Jiangsu Lighting Appliance Association, Suzhou Lighting Association, Nanjing Lighting Society and Gaoyou Lighting Association was successfully held in Hangzhou Nader Free Hotel.


2022 Night Tour baicheng Hangzhou Forum guests inspect "Like a Dream on the Pond" night tour project


In order to deeply understand the construction situation of hangzhou night tour project, learn and use advanced ideas and mature experience for reference. On June 29, 2022, under the organization of China Lighting network, some guests attending the 2022 Night Tour China 100 Cities (Hangzhou) Development Forum inspected hangzhou's key cultural tourism night tour project "Like a dream on the Pond" and visited the hangzhou headquarters of the project's planning and operation unit yao Youguang Technology Group Co., LTD. The innovative night tour experience and stunning visual effects provided guests with an unprecedented cultural and visual feast. Yao Youguang Technology Group president Jiang Hailong, vice president Yan Feng, Simingshuo accompanied the inspection.


Six "light +" night scene! Nishan Sanctuary creates a new model of immersive night tour


2022 Shandong Provincial Tourism Development Conference, the main venue is Nishan Holy Land, Qufu City, Jining. "Meet the culture of Jining, experience shandong hospitality", with the rise of the country, the eyes of the world once again focused on the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, focusing on the holy land of Mount Ni, and revitalize the vitality and vitality of traditional Chinese culture.


2022 Henan Province Intelligent Lighting Technology and Industry Development Forum was successfully held


In the afternoon of June 26, 2022, Intelligent intercommunication bright lighting -- 2022 Henan Province Intelligent Lighting Technology and Industry Development Forum and Henan Lighting Association Annual Meeting was successfully held in Zhengzhou Hanfeng Business Hotel. This BBS by China lighting association, association for science and technology of henan province, henan living building hall, henan province tour guide hall, lighting academy in henan province, China lighting network and hunan, hubei, Shanghai, zhejiang, anhui, shandong, jiangsu and other provinces to learn, at the same time invites experts from all over the country and from all over henan design institute, lighting design companies, engineering companies, More than 200 representatives from manufacturing enterprises participated in the event online and offline.


Enterprise dynamic

Huike shares raised 9.5 billion GEM IPO application accepted!


Recently, just completed the listing of huike shares counseling, and came to the new news. According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's gem information, Huike's IPO application was accepted on June 24.


Amos Osram has unveiled a high security level face authentication device behind OLED screens


On June 28, Amiss Oslam and trinamiX GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE and a pioneer in innovative biometrics technology, announced the joint development of a display system that enables face authentication behind OLED screens with the ultra-high security performance required for mobile payments. The installation debuted at Sensors Converge 2022 in SAN Jose, USA from 27 to 29 June.


New phase micro science innovation board listing


Shanghai Xinxiang Microelectronics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinxiang Micro") changed its status to "accepted" on June 28, according to information from the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


This IPO, New Phase Micro intends to raise 1.52 billion yuan, mainly used for hefei AMOLED display driver chip RESEARCH and development and industrialization project, Hefei display driver chip test production line construction project, Shanghai advanced display chip RESEARCH and development center construction project, etc.


Xiaomi set up a semiconductor company set foot in semiconductor lighting business


According to the official website of Qichumcha, Zhuhai Semiconductor Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Semiconductor Semiconductor ") was established on June 23, 2022. The semiconductor company, Hubei Millet Yangtze River Industrial Fund partnership 15 percent. 


The legal representative of The company is Huang Tieniu, with a registered capital of 200 million YUAN. It is engaged in the computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry. Its business scope includes: integrated circuit chip design and service; Integrated circuit chip and product manufacturing, marketing; Integrated circuit design, manufacturing and sales; Semiconductor devices special equipment manufacturing and sales; Semiconductor discrete components manufacturing and marketing; Semiconductor lighting device manufacturing and marketing.


The establishment of the semiconductor industry means that Xiaomi's layout in the semiconductor field will be further expanded.


Jiangxi Limei Lighting invested 5 million to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary


June 29, Foshan Limei Lighting Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Limei Lighting ") announced that due to the development needs of Jiangxi Limei Lighting Technology Co., LTD., it plans to invest to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, Ruichang Limei Precision Technology Co., LTD., with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Registered address: Matouxinfeng Supporting Industrial Park, Ruichang, Jiujiang, Jiangxi.


Samsung Display bought German display company Cynora for $300 million


Samsung display has acquired OLED screen technology from German display company CynoraGmbH for about $300 million, according to people familiar with the matter. As part of the deal, Samsung acquired Cynora's intellectual property and technology, but not its engineers.


Spike Optoelectronics won the bidding of shenzhen Metro Huangmugang comprehensive transportation hub lighting project


Recently, Speck optoelectronics and spread good news, the success of shenzhen metro Huangmugang comprehensive transportation hub lighting project. Spike Photonics will provide high-quality metro intelligent lighting products for Shenzhen metro lighting, promote the seamless connection between Shenzhen rail transit and other modes of transportation around the city, and improve the efficiency of traffic operation in the area.


Huangmugang comprehensive transportation hub is located in the northeast of Futian District of Shenzhen city, where metro line 7, Line 14 (under construction) and Line 24 (planning) will soon form a three-line transfer hub. According to the concept of "integration of station and city", Huangmugang Hub is committed to building a comprehensive transportation hub integrating "integration of transportation, function and space".


The project of Voge Photoelectric sealing loading Plate Industrial Park started


June 28, Hubei Tianmen city held the June major project kick-off activities. At the event site, vogel Optoelectronics and other 10 projects were launched, with a total planned investment of 4.73 billion yuan. It is reported that on May 11th this year, the chip plate level sealing loading plate industrial Park project and MiniLED backlight module and high-end LCD backlight module industrial Park project invested and constructed by Vogel Optoelectronics signed a contract in Hubei Tianmen City. According to the agreement, the total investment of the project is 3 billion yuan. Both sides will work together to create MiniLED backlight module and chip board sealing loading plate Industrial park project.


LED packaging materials manufacturer Kangmeite sprint IPO


Recently, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) online service platform (trial run) announced that Beijing Kangmeite Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Kangmeite") has handled the listing guidance registration on June 29, the guidance institution is Gf Securities.


Jichuang North IPO: raise 6 billion, extend product breadth and depth


On June 30, The IPO application of Beijing Jichuang North Technology Co., Ltd. was officially accepted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In this application for listing on the Science and Innovation Board, JIChuang North intends to raise 6.10 billion yuan, and the raised projects are all carried out around the future planning.


Foshan Lighting appeared in guangzhou custom home exhibition


From June 23 to June 26, the 11th China Guangzhou Custom Home Exhibition was held in Guangzhou International Purchasing Center. Foshan Lighting with its flagship products, around the theme of "intelligent living · Ideal light", with consumers and media around the latest development and trend of the industry for friendly exchanges.


Hengtai Lighting completed listing guidance


June 27, Hengtai Lighting announced the completion of the company's listing guidance acceptance. It is reported that Hengtai Lighting signed a written counseling agreement with Northeast Securities on September 22, 2021, and submitted the counseling filing application on September 24, 2021. The application was accepted on September 28, 2021, and Hengtai Lighting officially entered the counseling stage. On June 27, 2022, Hengtai Lighting officially passed the guidance acceptance of Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau.


Reishton lighting and Cool Family for "lighting city" Zhongshan ancient town digital speed


Recently, Qunuclear Technology (Kole) and Reishton Lighting completed the signing of the cooperation agreement in Zhongshan, Guangdong. Both parties will cooperate with each other in lighting digital design, model system building, design talent team training, marketing solution construction and other aspects based on kugele software platform, so as to comprehensively transform the design and marketing mode of more than 450 reston lighting dealer stores in China.