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Jessica 2022-07-04 08:30:24

Hangzhou major projects, including Medic semiconductor devices, flexible copper clad material projects, etc.

According to the hangzhou municipal People's Government's web site, Zhejiang province on June 28 held a mass launch of two major projects in 2022. Hangzhou participated in the mass launch of 78 projects with a total investment of 108.3 billion yuan.

Among them, medecai has an annual output of 2 billion semiconductor devices, an annual output of 100 million square meters (high resolution) photosensitive dry film and an annual output of 5 million square meters of flexible copper-clad plates (materials).

The news shows that Medecai annual output of 2 billion (pieces, sets) semiconductor devices project. The project is located in Dachuang Town, Qiantang District, with a total land area of about 102 mu. FAB plant, semiconductor packaging plant, test center, test center, power center, etc., are planned to be built, with a total construction area of 163,100 square meters above ground. It plans to invest 180 million yuan this year, and the construction period is 2022-2025.

In addition, the annual output of 100 million square meters (high resolution) photographic dry film project and annual output of 5 million square meters of flexible copper clad plate (material) project. The project is located in Jinma Industrial Park, Lin 'an District, Hangzhou, covering an area of 100 mu. The new plant and production line will be built to produce flexible copper clad plate and photosensitive dry film series products. It plans to invest 100 million yuan this year, and the construction period is from 2022 to 2024.


The Canadian province of Alberta will allow trailers to use blue flashing lights

Starting June 30, trailers in The Canadian province of Alberta will be allowed to use blue flashing lights. Thus, the addition of blue and existing yellow lights is expected to improve the safety of tow truck workers.

Blue flashing lights are usually reserved for law enforcement.

It was councilman Brad Rutherford who proposed the use of blue lights for trailers. The project is a one-year pilot project. "There are too many cases of tow truck workers being hit and put in harm's way because drivers sometimes have a hard time seeing tow truck workers," Rutherford said.

Jeff Kasbricks, publicity manager for AMA, says there have been at least 14 serious roadside accidents and 36 accidents involving trailers and passing vehicles in the province since December 2019.

Different coloured flashing lights stand out better than a single yellow light, Jasbricks says.


Chongqing to install "good person lights" for those above the city level who live in rural areas


On June 28, the theme of "lighting up the light of morality on the road to happiness" volunteer service activity was launched in Hechuan District of Chongqing organized by the Publicity Department of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Civilization Office. The city will install "good person lamp" (solar energy street lamp) for 680 people living in rural areas, advocating good people, respect good people, do good people, promote the forming of a strong atmosphere of worship virtue, good, sage.

According to the organizers of the event, the installation of "good-person lights" is a typical measure to promote morality. It is mainly aimed at the lack of public lighting facilities in rural areas and the size of typical courtyards. The installation of "good-person lights" is suitable for the convenience of surrounding people when they travel at night. Each "good person lamp" is designed with a typical moral honor sign, showing the typical name and honorary title, the lamp pole is also attached with a brief introduction of the story two-dimensional code, the "street lamp" image and "thumb" shape clever integration, let the typical propaganda down-to-earth, warm, enhance the influence and appeal.

"From my home to the pier, a total of six 'good person lights' have been installed, which not only facilitates people's travel, but also leads more people to cultivate kindness, do good deeds and be good people." In 2014, Cheng Changlong, a good man from Chongqing, has been ferrying in the ancient town of Hechuan and Laitan for 30 years. He always insists on 2 yuan per ticket without raising the price, and his good deed has been praised by the local people. Cheng changlong said he hoped the "good people lamp" would be like a torch, a lighthouse and a spiritual flag that would lead everyone upward to goodness.

It is understood that In the future, Chongqing will continue to install the "good person lamp" activity for the moral model, to promote the formation of a strong atmosphere of the worship of virtue to the good, see the good.


100,000 eye-protection lamps brighten the future of millions of rural students in Yanjin County, Zhaotong, Yunnan

On June 27, 2022, a logistics vehicle loaded with all eye protection classroom lighting set off from the warehouse of Ridaten Changtai Base to transport 1,305 eye protection lamps to Yanjin County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province.

As of this shipment, partial lighting China township "project has entered the 267 counties in 18 provinces 1480 rural schools, accumulated donation in line with" laterbar) rural children with good future "beginner's mind, since March 2014, with a good wishes, we are from xiamen, colophon mountain, wading, across the river, the bridge, into a remote mountain area, Use good light to brighten a dim country school.

Whenever a new light comes on in the classroom, the children almost unanimously shout "Wow... Good bright ", that kind of joy from the children's heart, but also let us for all the hard pay are instantly worth it.

As a Chinese saying goes, "The whole society should take action to protect children's eyes and give them a bright future." We are fulfilling general Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions with concrete actions. Today, nearly one million rural students have benefited from the "Light up Rural China" project. Eye protection lamps 101,017. So far, the total number of eye-protection lamps donated by the "Light up Rural China" project has exceeded 100,000!


With a total scale of 10 billion yuan, Fuyang, Anhui province, will set up an investment fund for electronic information and photoelectric display industry

June 28 - Anhui Fuyang city will set up an electronic information and photoelectric display industry investment fund with a total scale of 10 billion yuan.

According to introducing, mounds of electronic information and photoelectric display industry investment fund, is mainly by way of equity investment in electronic information and the private funds of photoelectric display industry, mainly in fuyang city in the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise on electronic information and photoelectric display industry, including attract domestic industry quality enterprises in fuyang, fuyang local eligible quality enterprises for equity investment in the industry.

The goal is to attract more electronic information and photoelectric display industry production enterprises and scientific research teams to Fu, to provide financing support for industrial projects with great potential and good prospects, so as to promote the high-quality development of fuyang electronic information and photoelectric display industry.

In recent years, especially since last year, fuyang electronic information and photoelectric display industry continues to grow, showing a good trend of innovative development and cluster development. Yingquan has initially formed an industrial chain of "cover glass + induction layer + panel + display"; Linquan electronic circuit board industry as the entry point, gradually formed a more complete industry chain; Yingshang Innovation "fund + venture capital + park" investment mode, more than 30 integrated circuit supporting enterprises have been settled, and a new display industrial cluster of "electronic glass - cover plate -SMT patch - medium frame - integrated circuit - LIQUID crystal display - touch screen" has initially formed.

At present, Fuyang city has fuxin ya photoelectric technology, Xin Yihua materials, Junying photoelectric, Xiangsheng technology and other electronic information and photoelectric display industry leading enterprises 12; Longhe Electric Power, Topokun photoelectric technology and other backbone enterprises 40; Fuyang printed circuit pole engineering technology research center, Fuyang intelligent power distribution engineering technology research center and other innovation platforms 19.

However, on the whole, fuyang electronic information and photoelectric display industry still has some problems, such as small scale, low concentration, weak competitiveness and insufficient supporting capacity of industrial chain and supply chain. The establishment of electronic information and photoelectric display industry investment fund is conducive to fuyang city to give full play to the role of "fund + investment", and further promote the development of electronic information and photoelectric display industry.

It is understood that fuyang electronic information and photoelectric display industry investment fund, jointly funded by the government financial funds and social capital, entrusted in the industry has a certain amount of resources of professional institutions management, to take capital injection, direct equity participation, follow-up investment, the establishment of sub-funds and other investment ways to support the development of the industry. The fund's initial investment scale is 2 billion yuan.

Fuyang city departments responsible comrades, fund set up after the link through high-end talents, advanced technology, leading enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and other market main body and the elements of injection for fuyang electronic information and photoelectric display industry development momentum, leading enterprises to enter the capital market, supporting the enterprises integrate the surrounding industrial chain upstream and downstream.

At present, Fuyang city is negotiating cooperation with leading enterprises in the industry, with the fund to attract high-quality enterprises, boost the industry to build a strong chain, build industrial development highland.