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Home > News > Industry News > EVERLIGHT production and shipment returned to normal in June

EVERLIGHT production and shipment returned to normal in June

Jessica 2022-07-01 08:50:45

Recently, LED sealing factory Yiguang held the shareholders' meeting, chairman Ye Yinfu pointed out that in April this year, it was greatly affected by the mainland sealing control management, but it has improved in May, and production and shipment have returned to normal in June. It is expected that the second half of the year will be better than the first half.


Ye Yinfu said that orders of invisible light have been in short supply last year, unable to meet customers, this year's shipment is smooth, it is estimated that invisible light business growth this year than last year. UVC uv light is one billion in recent years to actively promote the project, it said that UVC is a good sterilization products, billion UVC has been into a number of international well-known household appliances brand factory, and has been imported into small appliances, refrigerators, air conditioning and other products.


Affected by the mainland closed management measures, Yiguang's revenue fell to 1.36 billion yuan in April, down 33.03% on a monthly basis, and wrote down the low point in one month in the past two years. The shipment situation gradually recovered in May, with revenue of 1.971 billion yuan, up 44.91% on a monthly basis and down 13.40% on a yearly basis. The company's revenue in the first five months was about 8.833 billion yuan, down 13.65% year on year.