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Home > News > Industry News > Bamboo light art installation “Bamboo Star”

Bamboo light art installation “Bamboo Star”

2022-07-07 08:30:19

"Bamboo Star" Bamboo Lamp art installation is a temporary installation specially created for the "Haidai Tribe Art Season" held by Donghu Shan Art Museum in Xianglu Mountain Village, Huangmei, Hubei province.


"Bamboo Star" Bamboo Lamp art installation is a temporary installation specially created for the "Haidai Tribe Art Season" held by Donghu Shan Art Museum in Xianglu Mountain Village, Huangmei, Hubei province. It is a light art installation assembled from ready-made products. The creation was inspired by an article used by local villagers to wash vegetables: it was hand-woven with bamboo, a local material.


The author hopes to reflect the local villagers' rural culture of using local materials and adapting measures to local conditions through such a daily living item that makes foreigners curious and locals feel friendly, and then re-establish the relationship between people and people and the environment when presenting the poetic and painting of Huangmei village.


Xianglu Mountain Village is located in Dahe Town, Huangmei County, Hubei Province, beside the Yong 'an Reservoir, surrounded by mountains. It not only has a beautiful natural environment, but also has very beautiful scenery, so it impresses everyone who comes here.


Under the support of the rural revitalization strategy, the development and construction of Huangmei village has entered the fast lane. How to preserve the natural environment of rural areas in the process of rapid development is an important issue facing all rural construction at present. The form of the bamboo lamp installation is like an enlarged reed pond, which makes people feel the power from nature.


The bamboo lamp installation uses the bamboo basket, a daily item used by local villagers in the past, as the medium to create a public cultural space where people, people and the environment can communicate. The interesting thing about the bamboo basket is that it is difficult for anyone to guess its purpose from its shape, which can also arouse the curiosity of outsiders.


As for every local is very familiar with it, because this is the tool used in the past every family to clean potatoes. The method is to place the potato in a bamboo basket and plunge it into the river with a long bamboo pole. Interestingly, the sharp sections of the bamboo can also remove the skin of the potato as it is stirred and washed. In the author's opinion, it is the curiosity of outsiders and the familiarity of locals that build the bridge of communication between people. In addition, the local good natural environment, bamboo everywhere and rich quality water resources can also establish a close relationship between people and the environment.


This used to be a household necessity, but now few people will use it. We now have a more convenient and efficient way of cleaning, but it has a special value and meaning for every aboriginal person. When we were in the process of making the work, every villager saw this bamboo basket, as if to see a long lost old friend, and told us with relish their past life bit by bit.


Therefore, the inside of the container, which now looks empty, is actually full of memories of that era. In the production, the author also installed THE LED solar lamp in the bamboo basket, so when the night falls, the bamboo basket will be lit up, and this form can also very good recall of the past.

In the past, most works of art were placed in "white boxes", just like artists in an ideal laboratory in a "sterile" environment to present their own ideas. However, the bamboo lamp installation hopes to have a relationship with the local place from the very beginning. In fact, it can only embody its value and significance when it is integrated with the local natural and cultural environment at this moment, here and now.