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Home > News > Industry News > Asia's premier light festival! Appreciation of 20 lighting works

Asia's premier light festival! Appreciation of 20 lighting works

Jessica 2022-06-16 14:38:55

The event features 20 light art installations and projections designed by local and international artists around the theme of "Spark of Light", as well as a variety of exciting programmes.



Data Sculpture

This is a light sculpture that makes people feel climate change in an immersive way. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, it turns publicly available data from Singapore weather records, as well as other environmental statistics, into stunning visuals of moving lights, colours and sounds. Ultimately, the hope is to awaken viewers to the issue of climate change.

2.Plastic Whale

You can hear the whale breathing in pain. The interior of the whale is illuminated by a variety of different colours, depicting the whales' struggle to breathe in a sea of plastic waste. Life-size inflators made from plastic bottles and other plastics. Depicting the plight of whales and other sea creatures struggling to survive in their increasingly polluted homelands.

3.Here and There

Like a seesaw, HereandThere's lights change according to how tilted it is. Thinking quietly while interacting with friends is perhaps the author's metaphor for social and political issues? Balance, which looks easy, is hard to do.

4.Eyes of th eSea

This is the winning student work of 2020, which leads us to look at environmental protection from another perspective. Between the shore and the horizon, the beautiful deep blue ocean looks healing, but from the perspective of the precious sea creatures that live underwater, the view is far less inviting. The mesmerizing waves split in two, and beneath the azure waters, plastic waste is a serious global problem.

5.Ruffled Ice

Plastic seems to have been overused in our daily life. Unnecessary decorative plastic packaging, resulting in more waste. And when that plastic isn't handled properly, it often ends up in the ocean. The meaning of garbage as melting iceberg, waste plastic on the huge damage to the environment, can be seen.

6.Light Canvas

In front of the device, you can use the light in your phone to illuminate. By capturing and reflecting light from the surrounding environment, the installation creates a curious sense of what we are willing to give up, and what we are doing, for a more sustainable future.

7.Alone Together

The epidemic of the past two years has had a profound impact on humanity. During the pandemic, most people may have experienced significant periods of isolation, if not lockdown. Through the window to peer into the lives of others, through the real-time interaction of lights, the story speaks for itself.

8.Collective Memory

CD is a technology that is very close to us, but it seems to have been away from our lives for a long time. Immersed in this novel space, each floating disc seems to contain memories. A piece of CD interweave together, those who never forget the small lucky, a little is being awakened...... 

9.Keep On Moving

The installation was inspired by chronograph photography, an ancient technique that captures the movements of actors frame by frame and then recreates them. The runners, captured frame-by-frame, fit nicely against the backdrop of Marina Bay. Normally, this kind of scene is everywhere.


Unlike many other devices, Shish-Ka-Buoy provides completely different visual delights during the day and at night. Made from recycled ocean buoys, the buoys reflect light during the day and emit a magical glow. When night falls, thousands of LED lights inside the installation create a spiral of color with a spherical gradient. On land, the installation creates a dynamic lighting scene, while in the water, it creates a beautiful reflection.

11.Firefly Field

Many of us have childhood memories of looking up at the stars and seeing fireflies around us on a midsummer night. The device is cleverly timed to mimic the intermittent flickering patterns of fireflies. Alternating points of light, a dynamic bright scene is perfectly designed. I wonder if seeing it will arouse your curiosity and awe for the natural world?


It's a device that doesn't move, but it tells a story full of fantasy. An ethereal jellyfish roams the universe, seemingly in search of stars to swallow. One day, he stumbled upon a star that shone with an unusual color, and after biting, the curious wanderer became heavy and crashed.

Little did they know that the "star" was actually a pile of garbage thrown into orbit by humans when they didn't have enough space to dispose of it. I wonder if this interstellar jellyfish will survive to travel through space again?


Floating effortlessly on the water like a lifelike swan, the installation blends perfectly with its surroundings as it moves with wind and waves and ripples on the surface of the water. But actually, the moral behind it is quite profound. The use of some of the garbage we often create in daily life, alluding to the growing consumption of human waste. Is Singapore's prosperity accompanied by environmental problems?


Florescentia, Latin for "to blossom." Made from 100% recycled carbon-neutral polypropylene, this dynamic sculpture complements the Singapore skyline and subtly contrasts with nature. The pastel flowers are simple and elegant, and their reflections are unusually quiet. Rest and meditate under the canopy. This is your private space.

15.Scribble Jam

ScribbleJam is an unconventional graffiti installation that uses interactive projection mapping technology in an innovative way to transform Singapore's urban facade into a giant digital canvas.


This is another lighting installation that focuses on an environmental theme. The installation simulates pollutants such as toxic dyes and untreated sewage flowing into the sea, while the lighting design symbolizes cracks in an iceberg caused by climate change. With this installation, the designers are trying to force people to rethink their relationship with water. The global environmental problem is imminent and deserves people's attention.


Shrouded in mist, beams of light refract through transparent tubes, making you feel like you're at a campfire. After two years of lockdown, don't forget to reconnect with family and friends here. 


In this giant lantern scene, you will come to an imaginary undersea settlement. The inspiration came from a small fishing village in Sweden dedicated to protecting the Marine environment. Discarded fishing nets collected at the Ocean Recycling Center are turned into lanterns, revealing the fragility of the earth's Marine ecosystems. In it, the echoes of the sea and the chorus of urban life bring an unforgettable auditory experience and add a deeper dimension to the mind.

19.Meet Me

Under The Moon

Inspiration comes from the Mid-Autumn Festival, when relatives gather to enjoy the moon. Sitting on a pedestal, you can light the full moon together. The more people you have, the brighter it gets. In addition, the sound of moon breathing can be faintly heard when interacting with the glowing device.

20.Waste Not,Want Not

It's a food that looks exceptionally ugly, and it hopes to change the human stereotype that food that's less visually appealing, less nutritious and just trash. Produced by DBS Bank, this artwork highlights the phenomenon of food waste in human life. In fact, they should not be abandoned!