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Home > News > Industry News > ams Osram Introduces Eviyos 2.0, a Groundbreaking Multipixel LED for Automotive Forward Lighting and Projection

ams Osram Introduces Eviyos 2.0, a Groundbreaking Multipixel LED for Automotive Forward Lighting and Projection

Display Daily 2023-07-24 11:10:48

ams Osram is given us a groundbreaking innovation in automotive forward lighting with the introduction of Eviyos 2.0. This intelligent multipixel LED takes headlight operation and image projection to another level, enabling fully adaptive and dynamic lighting for vehicles with image projection, as well.

Source: ams Osram

Eviyos 2.0 features 25,600 individually controllable LEDs with a pixel pitch of 40 µm. It has the ability to selectively illuminate the road in high-beam mode without causing glare for other road users. The chip can project high-resolution images onto the road surface, serving as a means to display warning symbols or guide drivers past obstacles. By projecting images onto the road, it enables new forms of communication between the car and its surroundings. For instance, the headlights can display a snowflake symbol to indicate icy or slippery conditions, effectively raising awareness and reducing the risk of accidents.

Eviyos 2.0 is the culmination of ten years of engineering development at ams Osram and is now in full-scale production. The design of Eviyos 2.0 incorporates a monolithic µ-LED chip array, drawing on multiple innovations in chip design and fabrication by ams Osram.

The Eviyos 2.0 product consists of the multipixel emitter and a driver that controls the operation of each LED individually. When integrated into adaptive driving beam systems, the multipixel headlamp, in combination with an intelligent camera, dynamically adjusts the high-beam mode by deactivating specific LEDs to prevent glare for other road users while maximizing the driver’s visibility. Additionally, the dynamic control of individual LEDs allows for accurate projection along curves, extending the driver’s view of the road ahead.

Source: ams Osram

Eviyos 2.0 is a high-output and high-efficiency automotive light source, contributing to energy savings in vehicles. It only energizes the necessary LEDs to ensure optimal driver visibility, minimizing wasted light. With a compact 40 mm² footprint, the LED chip is easily integrated into sleek headlamp assemblies. It is available in a 1:4 (25,600 pixels) or 1:3 (19,200 pixels) aspect ratio.

Several leading car manufacturers and Tier One suppliers are incorporating Eviyos 2.0 into their new product concepts. For example, Marelli has announced its h-Digi MicroLED, the first multipixel LED headlight module based on Eviyos 2.0. The Marelli MicroLED system is combined with a special optical lens system and an electronic control developed by Marelli’s automotive lighting and sensing division. Compared to conventional LED glare-free high beam systems, the resolution of the illumination matrix system is ten times more precise, with pixels smaller than 0.1 degrees.

Source: Marelli