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Home > News > Industry News > Seoul Semiconductor Exhibits LEDs for Future Vehicle Displays at SID Symposium in the US

Seoul Semiconductor Exhibits LEDs for Future Vehicle Displays at SID Symposium in the US

PR Newswire 2023-09-28 08:36:44

Seoul Semiconductor Exhibits LEDs for Future Vehicle Displays at SID Symposium in the US


Seoul Semiconductor's future vehicle display LED technology unveiled at SID (Graphic: Seoul Semiconductor)

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Seoul Semiconductor (KOSDAQ:046890), a global optical semiconductor company, will participate in the Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium 2023, organized by the Society of Information Display (SID), to be held in Detroit, USA, on September 26 and 27. During the event, the company will exhibit its LED products designed for future vehicle displays.

This exhibition will give visitors an opportunity to discover Seoul Semiconductor’s innovative LED technologies for future in-vehicle displays, such as ‘1515’, ‘Mini LED’ products for local dimming, and ‘WICOP Pixel’ microLED, in line with the evolution of automotive displays, which are increasing in size and resolution.

“1515”, an ultra-small LED for local dimming
Seoul Semiconductor will exhibit “1515”, an ultra-small LED product optimized for full-array local dimming, which divides the LED backlight into multiple zones that can be controlled independently. 1515 helps achieve a high brightness display with superb contrast ratios, as it can control light output to a very fine level on the strength of its small size and excellent performance.

“Mini-LED” with ultra-high resolution and maximized visibility
Seoul Semiconductor will also showcase Mini-LED, a product of its advanced backlight technology. Its backlight chip has been reduced to smaller than one-tenth of the typical size and mounted in large quantities on a vehicle display, enabling delicate brightness control, a high contrast ratio, and high color reproduction. Visibility has also been maximized, considering the bright in-car environment.

The world's first RGB one-chip technology, “WICOP Pixel” MicroLED Display
Seoul Semiconductor will also exhibit its WICOP Pixel MicroLED display. WICOP Pixel is the world's first full-color one-chip technology that stacks three color LEDs (RGB) vertically. This technology allows RGB LEDs to emit light as if they are a single pixel, enabling not only the uniform representation of colors but also the reproduction of a wide range of black colors – three times superior to existing microLED devices.

Michel Zwanenburg, the Executive Vice President of the IT Sales Group at Seoul Semiconductor, said, “We will continue to develop and supply LED products for future automobiles that meet our customers demand in these very exciting times for Automotive Displays.”