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New Product Bevel-LED

DOMINANT 2023-05-21 07:59:51

Welcoming and friendly infotainment systems with large screens is a requirement in modern vehicles. Brighter yet thinner displays are necessary since the screen size in increasing to more than 20 inch. In line with this development, DOMINANT, a market leader in LED manufacturing has released the Bevel-LED, worlds first LED with a bevelled edge for use in full array dimming display (FALD).

The Bevel-LED is a diminutive sized LED with dimensions 1.2w x1.6l 1.2h, designed to be attached using the Package on Board platform. Coming in this smaller size of 1-3mm enables a small pitch array, giving the best imagery for high PPI and MPI display screens.

Bevel-LED complies the AEC-Q102 qualification standard and qualifies to JEDEC moisture sensitivity level I (MSL Level 1). Bevel -LED is built on Au plated lead-frame. This makes it free of any sulfur corrosion risk, giving it superior corrosion robustness.

Bevel-LED has a high NTSC solution from its high colour gamut display. It employs the PFS/KSF phosphor technology, and this gives a unique narrow band red emission, making the Bevel-LED capable of expressing richer saturated colours.

Fig 1: Intensity and Wavelength of Bevel-LED

Integrating the whole design within honeycomb reflectors improves the display brightness significantly. Using the reflector design configuration as shown below in Figure 2, yielded an average brightness of 108,000 lux; max. 135,000 lux with light efficiency rate of 81%.

In a case study that fulfils the Pitch/OD ≥ 2 requirement, pitch being 20mm while OD 9.5mm, the Bevel-LED achieved close to 100% homogeneity. This data proves that the Bevel-LED enables ultra-thin display with OD 7.6mm while still achieving 89% of homogeneity, well above the market requirement of minimum 80%.

Fig 2: Bevel-LED performance with well configured reflectors

The bevel edged wall design radiates in a batwing profile, achieving a 180° wide viewing angle. This enables thin and superior brightness uniformity in direct-lit backlight display systems. These fully array local dimming (FALD) zones create a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000:1.

Fig 3: Bevel-LED Batwing Radiation Profile 

Fig 4: Bevel-LED enables narrow pixel pitch display, which is high PPI and low pitch.   

Innovatively designed in Mini-LED concept, the Bevel-LED can be arrayed in high density yet illuminates in low power consumption.

As the Bevel-LED increases screen PPI and produces very high luminous efficiency and HDR, this technology is poised to bring FALD display screens to the next level.