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Home > News > Industry News > MechaTronix-CoolStar® 3445 - Narrow beam compact spot lights

MechaTronix-CoolStar® 3445 - Narrow beam compact spot lights

2023-01-06 08:35:28

The market of compact spot lights for use in kitchens, porches, balconies,… is more and more asking for high-end lighting designs with consistent colors, long life time, perfect thermal management and a good flexibility in optical choices.

To fulfill that demand in the market, MechaTronix has developed the CoolStar® 3445, a high-end spotlight led cooler for designs in a diameter of just 35 millimeter.

We aimed at a maximal thermal performance and were able to reach a thermal resistance Rth as low as 8.13K/Watt.
As a result you can design in this compact size your spot lights all the way up to 1200 lumen with still a very low LED temperature!
The two closed wire pockets at the sides gives a dedicated route for cables to go through, which creates clean and neat appearance.

For an optimal flexibility of your spot design we have foreseen a wide mechanical compatibility to LED engines, holders and lenses & reflectors of our eco-partners.
A deeper insight you can get in this Application Note

Without doubts, the flexibility of CoolStar® 3445 provides an outstanding platform that allows luminaire designers copes well with size limitation and high-end looks.

A few examples of perfect market fit: