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Home > News > Industry News > Marelli's h-Digi® microLED in VW series headlamps

Marelli's h-Digi® microLED in VW series headlamps

Marelli 2023-10-24 09:29:09

Marelli's h-Digi® microLED in VW series headlamps



Germany/Reutlingen, 21 September 2023

Marelli’s new high-resolution “three-eye headlamps” for the top version of VW Touareg use the novel h-Digi® microLED platform module. The three-eye style desired by the customer was accomplished by interaction of three modules: h-Digi® microLED, a 16-segment matrix standard module and a bending light module.

The h-Digi® microLED module by Marelli’s Automotive Lighting & Sensing division was just recently introduced to the press. This new module is based on ams OSRAM’s EVIYOS® 2.0 light source and is characterized by extremely compact design and high energy efficiency. It features 19,200 individually addressable LED pixels with the size of 40 µm x 40 µm and is combined with a special optical lens system and a new electronic control, both engineered in house by Marelli.

The new intelligent digital module supports the 16-segment matrix module boosting the ADB low-beam and high-beam distributions to a new level, adapting even more precisely to various driving situations. With pixels smaller than 0,1 degree, the resolution of this novel illumination matrix system is 10 times more accurate than the resolution of conventional LED glare-free high beam systems. As digital module, h-Digi® microLED can also project warnings or simple driver assistance patterns on the road, directly in the driver’s field of view to facilitate driving on narrow lanes.

With the h-Digi® microLED in headlamps of VW Touareg, Volkswagen and Marelli are driving the next generation of digital vehicle lighting. Stay tuned and see what’s next.