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Home > News > Industry News > Ledman 8K display empowers the demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation

Ledman 8K display empowers the demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation

LEDMAN 2023-08-03 10:36:22

Shekou, Shenzhen, where China's reform and opening up kicked off, has created the "Shekou Model" through 40 years of bold practice and innovation,. At the junction of accelerating regional economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading, Shekou once again plays a pioneering role in creating a benchmark for high-quality development of industrial parks, pooling innovative resources, and cultivating emerging industries.

Shekou Net Valley Industrial Park, a national demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation, has played an advanced demonstration role. To showcase its achievements from a comprehensive and multi-perspective and its demonstration role as an excellent park, Net Valley selected Ledman COB UHD large screen with a resolution of 8K (7680*4320) as the UHD display carrier, opening a new window for Net Valley to demonstrate its achievements in construction and industrial transformation.

Positioned as a demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation that combines technology and culture, Net Valley consists of new-generation information technology, e-commerce, Internet of Things, digital creativity and other diversified industries. It is one of the most representative and dynamic industrial parks with a blend of culture and technology in Shenzhen.

Driven by digital technology and innovation efforts, Net Valley has adopted data cockpit as the visualization system within the park. Data cockpit, a smart brain, uses big data technology to analyze massive data and inform decision-making. Ledman COB UHD display, capable of simulating the daily operation and management scenarios of the park, allows the results of data analysis to be presented on one screen, so that the staff can be informed of key points and make scientific decisions by viewing the detailed operation data of each module in the park.

Ledman COB UHD display, seamlessly splintered by a number of UHD display modules, and capable of clear, delicate, dynamic display of all kinds of visual charts without trailing smear or double image. The super-sized UHD display fits perfectly on the wall, and the full-screen display is perfectly integrated into the story line of the park’s exhibition hall, allowing visitors to be fully immersed in Net Valley’s achievements in digitization and intelligence.

Ledman COB UHD display, known for its high refresh rate, wide color gamut, large viewing angle, and smooth video playback, features natural light and shadow transitions, and excellent color performance. Further, the surface light source illumination has a good light sense, delivering to deeply-impressed visitors an excellent audio-visual experience.

In addition, Ledman COB UHD display, with its long service life, low power consumption, stability and reliability, meets well the requirements of the exhibition hall for long-term playback. With its UHD display effect and durable performance, Ledman COB UHD display has proven effective and efficient in showroom reception, operation management and results display.