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Home > News > Industry News > J Series® 2835 LEDs with Precision Dimming by CREE-LED

J Series® 2835 LEDs with Precision Dimming by CREE-LED

CREE-LED 2023-07-19 08:52:51

Precision dimming delivers simplified control over voltage, light output and color rendering

Cree LED’s precision dimming is a new production technique that addresses unacceptable light output and hue variations when dimming parallel strings of LEDs to low current. These light output variations are caused by normal production variations in characteristics of LEDs and can be reduced substantially with proper system design.

  • A novel production technique has been introduced to address the problems of inconsistent light output and hue experienced when dimming LEDs to low current
  • With precision dimming, manufacturers gain simplified control over voltage, light output and color rendering
  • This method enables precise adjustment of key color rendering parameters while reducing the need for multiple bins
  • TM-21 reported L80 >102K hrs lifetimes across all 2835 LEDs

Other LED manufacturers tackle LED inconsistency by conducting two rounds of forward voltage sorting. First, they perform sorting during the binning process at the specified current, and then they repeat the sorting at a lower current. However, this approach introduces additional voltage bins that can be challenging to effectively manage during production.

Cree LED utilizes our extensive knowledge in LED performance and manufacturing to tackle the issue of inconsistent LED dimming. Our engineering team has developed a new method to bring consistency to applications that require precise dimming and are highly sensitive to low-input intensity and color performance. By introducing a simple fourth dimension called precision dimming, we have significantly enhanced the industry standard 3-dimensional binning, which encompasses chromaticity, voltage and flux.

Advantages of Precision Dimming

Precision dimming provides manufacturers of no-compromise, specification-grade lighting with a straightforward solution. The precision dimming system offers a total of four bins: J, K, L and M. Moreover, for each combination of CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) and CRI (Color Rendering Index) of an LED equipped with precision dimming, there will consistently be a maximum of two precision dimming bins.

J Series® 2835 LEDs with Precision Dimming

Product samples are available now and production quantities are available with standard lead times.