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Home > News > Industry News > Foxconn shows off brighter microLED microdisplay

Foxconn shows off brighter microLED microdisplay

ee News 2023-04-26 10:41:21

Foxconn shows off brighter microLED microdisplay

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ee News

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd., which trades as Foxconn, has worked with Ennostar and Unikorn Semiconductor Corp. to produce a 0.12-inch microdisplay.

The companies worked together to optimize microLED device structures and novel thin-film protection technology to achieve a display with a raw pixel density exceeding 6,500 PPI and a blue light brightness of 200,000 nits.

The use of novel thin film protection technology reduced surface defects, improving external quantum efficiency, and increased product reliability, Foxconn said.

Unikorn Semiconductor Corp. (Hsinchu, Taiwan), a compound semiconductor foundry that span off from Epistar in April 2018, optimized the device construction to achieve a balance between brightness and chip power consumption during subsequent full-color conversion.

Red, green and blue

Hon Hai used its proprietary color conversion technology to achieve a full-color display effect at 3,600 PPI.

The development is intended to address blue halo and color shift problems seen in high-brightness AR displays

Hon Hai’s own microLED manufacturing technology uses high-efficiency quantum dot color conversion and a reflective inter-pixel light shield technology to provide sufficient optical density of quantum dots and prevent color shift among pixels, producing high-purity red and green light.

The collaboration with Ennostar and Unikorn provides the blue microLED pixel process with a 4 micron pitch.