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Home > News > Industry News > For the iPhone 16 series, Samsung will produce OLED screens with mini lens array.

For the iPhone 16 series, Samsung will produce OLED screens with mini lens array.

The Open News 2023-09-08 08:44:55

Since the launch of iPhone X, Samsung Display has been producing all OLED panels for all iPhone models. Next year will see the continued adoption of Samsung's OLED displays in all high-end iPhone models. In fact, it's been said that Samsung display would produce a brand-new OLED panel type specifcally for the iPhone 16 series.

Apple is considering employing OLED screens with MLA(Micro Lens Array) technology for the iPhone 16 series, according to a report from The Elec. Higher brightness and increased power economy are offered by OLED panels incorporating MLA, and LG's most recent premium OLED TVs already employ such a screen. Apple hasn't made a final decision yet, but LG Display and Samsung Display have both offered to produce OLED panels using MLA.

To lessen internal reflections and guide the light output the screen, MLA panels use a layer of billions of lenses on top of the screen. This increases perceived brightness while effectively utilising the current light output without raising power consumption The result is increased power efficiency. When viewed from the sides of the screen, this technology can occasionally lower light brightness, which results in reduced viewing angles.

Because OLED panels with MLA are more expensive as well, Apple must consider the benefits and drawbacks of using such panels before making a choice. Samsung has already provided OLED panels to select Chinese smartphone manufacturers and employed an MLA layer to increase the brightness of the screens. To lessen its dependency on LG Display and Samsung Display, Apple is attempting to design and produce its own Micro LED screens for upcoming iPhones.