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China Customs conducts random inspections of 28 categories of commodities other than legal inspectio

  • Author:Gina Chen
  • Release on:2020-08-26

A few days ago, the General Administration of Customs issued an announcement, deciding to conduct random inspections on some import and export commodities other than the statutory inspection commodities in 2020.

The scope of the random inspections covers 28 categories of import and export commodities, including 22 categories of imported commodities and 6 categories of export commodities. Export commodities: simulation accessories, children's bicycles, children's scooters, electric strollers, plush toys, electric faucets, etc. Imported goods: children's clothing, stationery, neckties, scarves, scarves, toilets, dishwashers, air purifiers, printers, electric water heaters, microcomputers, televisions, monitors, etc.