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Home > News > Industry News > 2020 Canton Fair Online Participation Guide

2020 Canton Fair Online Participation Guide

Gina Chen 2020-04-29 16:52:27
June 15-24, 2020, a total of 10 days
The 127th Canton Fair will establish a comprehensive online display and docking platform on the official website of the Canton Fair. Exhibitors will all participate online according to the exhibition area. The platform provides all-day online promotion, supply and purchase docking, online negotiation and so on.
How to log in to the online exhibition platform:
Enterprises can log in to the exhibition platform using the account number of the original EasyJet system.
Buyers and visitors at home and abroad can enter the online exhibition platform through the official website of the Canton Fair, etc. to log in, query the company name, browse the company's exclusive pages, click product information, visit the company's live broadcast room and other online operations. The conference will clarify the specific login process in the subsequent exhibition guidelines.
At present, the platform is still under development. Exhibitors are requested to prepare relevant information in advance. After the platform is opened for use in early May, it will be uploaded uniformly.
Time requirement: All information should be completed upload before May 25th.
Quantity requirements: each company uploads at least 10 representative products in each exhibition area. Companies that have more than one booth need to upload 5 more products for each additional booth, upload at least one product video.
There is no upper limit for the number of exhibits uploaded; the upload items must be no less than the lower limit.
Each company can upload a VR virtual booth in each exhibition area.
Material suggestions: product multi-angle appearance display, functional icons, text introduction, specifications and technical parameters, corporate text introduction and real pictures.
Recently, receive reports that some people are spreading false information in the name of the online Canton Fair, let companies to upload information, send links to relevant websites, and even charge fees, which has a bad impact.
Exhibitors must pay attention: The online information upload requirements of the Canton Fair will be communicated through the trading delegation. So please keep communication with them. If the enterprise encounters any unit or individual charging in the name of the conference, please do not trust it and beware of being cheated.