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Welcome to visit our June Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition &LED Asia

  • Autor:Amy Zheng
  • Lassen Sie auf:2020-03-30
    Welcome to visit our June Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition &LED Asia.Booth number: 4.2A17, look forward to your visit.
    The development of a thousand li a day a day lighting industry, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has been devoted to the development of the market potential, to create cross-border business opportunities. This exhibition will be held from June 2017.6.9 to 6.12,China's import and export trade fair held in Guangzhou. In response to the theme of this year's exhibition, the activities of the same period will be based on "integrating the future" and "thinking lighting" as the two directions to help the industry.
    Unprecedented, this is a change to accelerate the rapid development of China's lighting industry. LED is fully showing the new generation of "science and technology" and "future" nature, a large influx of people's lives. It is this ability, let LED have more new attempt.